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First Annual Town of Double Springs Hunting and Gun Show‎

The first annual Town of Double Springs Hunting and Gun Show held on Oct. 6 & 7   was a huge success.  More than 900 hundred people attended the show that offered a wide choice of items for home and personal protection, hunting and outdoor recreation. 

 The show featured 43 tables of merchandise, ranging from rifles and handguns to ammo, tactical supplies, and hunting apparel. But many of the vendors weren’t only there to sell – they also came to trade.  Buying and trading are gun show traditions, and the public was encouraged to bring in the gun-related items they wished to sell.

According to several vendors most first year shows are lightly attended. But the early success of the Double Springs event had the vendors pressing for another show this upcoming spring. 

 Mayor Elmo Robinson, Double Springs Police department and Double Springs Fire Department would like to express their appreciation to everyone who came and supported the show.